MSN Messenger ver.

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MSN Messenger ver.

MSN Messenger 8 is finally here , altough this is still a beta version, it's very near from the final release, so you can get a good glimpse of how it will look like, and i have a feeling you will love it :)

Some of the new features that i realized:
You Now Have Sharing Folders to make the files you want automatically available to others
You can Now CHAT OFFLINE - the other person will see you has offline but can still see you writing and receive your messages
You can send messages to offline contacts and they will see them as soon as they log in
You can change windows color schemes

These are just some i've noticed

Enjoy :)

To be part of the Windows Live Messenger Beta program, just go to and click Sign Up under Windows Live Messenger beta. Fill in your Hotmail address, select your country and you'll be added to the list for an upcoming round of invites. I'm not sure what the turnaround time will be, but I do know this is the FASTEST way to get an invitation.

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