MusicMatch Jukebox Plus 10.00.4040

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MusicMatch Jukebox Plus 10.00.4040
Size: 29.3MB | OS : All Windows | Genre : Multimedia

The new Musicmatch Jukebox 10.0 is a smarter way to play, manage, discover and get music, burn and rip CDs, create playlists and enjoy music anywhere. Jukebox 10.0 is the easiest to use and most powerful Jukebox ever, and best of all it's On Demand Ready.
Musicmatch On Demand offers instant, unlimited access to more than 600,000 songs and 40,000 albums. Play any song whenever you want, however you want, from any PC.

- Music Player
- Music Center
- Music Library
- MP3 Recorder/Ripper
- CD Burner
- Super Tagging
- CD Label Printing
- Volume Leveling
- Portable Device Manager
- Musicmatch On Demand
- Musicmatch Radio
- Music Store

- Music Player. Listen to audio CDs, MP3s, Internet streams, WMAs, WAV files and more. View videos and visualizations in the resizable Media Window and view album, song and artist information while listening. Also create playlists with ease - just drag and drop music files from your Music Library or from any Windows Explorer window to hear your favorite music instantly.
- Music Center. Get started quickly with instant access to popular and advanced Jukebox features in the new Music Center - burn, record, play, and manage your music collection with ease. An all-new simplified, streamlined look also makes the Jukebox easier to use than ever before.
- Music Library. Let the Music Library keep track of your entire digital music collection. Easy access no matter where your music is stored on your PC. Sort music by 17 different categories, including Artist, Album, Track, Genre, and Mood. Even sort and view your entire MP3 collection by album art covers and create playlists for any mood or situation with AutoDJ.
- MP3 Recorder/Ripper. Musicmatch Jukebox is the only all-in-one jukebox that delivers free unlimited CD- quality recording/ripping using the industry leading Fraunhofer MP3 encoder. Convert your personal CDs into MP3, WAV or Windows Media files with an easy one-step recording process. Automatically tag your tracks with album information and cover art when recording from CDs. Unlock faster MP3 recording speeds (up to 40x) and easily record MP3s from vinyl, cassettes or any line-in source with line-in recording - available only in Jukebox Plus.
- CD Burner. Create custom audio and MP3 CDs at 2x speed with Musicmatch Jukebox (up to 48x with Jukebox Plus). Burn music mix CDs containing all of your favorite songs, or archive your MP3s and data files on CD-R and DVD media to free up hard- drive space.
- Super Tagging. Automatically add artist, album and song information to your entire MP3 collection quickly and easily with Super Tagging - available only in Musicmatch Jukebox Plus. Automatically tag groups of tracks using the file name, or tag tracks directly from Musicmatch online. You can also clean up file names with the new 'Rename files from Tag' feature.
- CD Label Printing. Create full-color custom jewel case covers and inserts with CD cover art, up to 150 track titles and personal notes. You can also add text and graphics to adhesive CD labels and choose from a selection of border graphics to make your custom CD complete.
- Volume Leveling. Volume Leveling keeps steady volume applied to all the tracks in your music collection by eliminating volume spikes and dips. You will find this very handy when burning custom mix CDs and listening to music on your portable MP3 player.
- Portable Device Manager. Send music to your portable MP3 player in seconds with the all-new Portable Device Manager. Drag and drop songs and playlists from your computer straight to your MP3 player. Synchronize custom playlists or your entire Music Library with most popular portable devices.
- Musicmatch On Demand is the only music service in the world that offers instant, unlimited streaming access to more than $600,000 worth of music for as little as $8 a month. For half the price of a new CD, you can begin exploring the universe of music offered through On Demand. Easily search and browse by popular tracks, related artists or personalized recommendations. Create custom playlists of On Demand tracks and mix them with tracks in your existing Music Library. Tap into the entire On Demand library anytime, anywhere, from any PC. You can even email playlists of your favorite music to friends so they can listen too.
- Music Store. Quickly buy entire albums or purchase just a few select tracks in the Musicmatch Music Store. Hear a song on Musicmatch Radio you'd like to buy? No problem. Download songs while you listen, then enjoy crystal-clear, CD-quality music wherever your wish. Add tracks to your Music Library, burn them to CDs, download them to your portable player, and you're ready to go!
- Musicmatch Radio. Musicmatch Radio is a free streaming music service you access using the Musicmatch Jukebox. With more than 200 professionally programmed and specialty stations, it's no wonder that more than 1 million listeners each month make it one of the top radio networks on the Internet. Premium Musicmatch Radio is also home to Artist Match, which lets you create a station containing music from your favorite artists and others like them. It's one of the easiest ways to listen to music you love and discover new music at the same time.

OS: Windows All

Size: 29.3MB



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