Muvee aP

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Muvee aP

muvee aP ver. 5.0 | 103 Mb RAR = 3x35Mb | Rapidshare

The files that describe the contents of this disc ("descriptive files"), and are recorded herein, contain proprietary and/or copyrighted material of Sonic Solutions. These descriptive files may only be opened by a Sonic-licensed authoring application. No other applications may decode, open nor make use of these files in any manner whatsoever, for any purpose. Please note that these files are protected by technological measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to them.
All intellectual property rights in these descriptive files are owned by Sonic Solutions. The laws of the United States and the laws of other jurisdictions protect the rights of intellectual property and copyright holders and provide severe civil and criminal penalties in case of violations.
Sonic Solutions retains all rights not expressly granted. The descriptive files contain trade secrets of Sonic Solutions and Sonic Solutions explicitly prohibits any person from reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling or otherwise reducing the files to human readable form or disclosing such trade secrets to third parties, except to the extent that such prohibition is expressly restricted by applicable law.

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