MX Kollection 3.6.5 for DW 8.0.2

Posted By: xelbe
MX Kollection 3.6.5 for DW 8.0.2

The best extension ever made for DW

MX Kollection 3.6.5 for DW 8.0.2

Interakt says:

"MX Kollection 3 is a bundle of our most popular MX extensions that will change the way you build dynamic websites with Dreamweaver. If you are a ColdFusion, ASP VB or PHP developer you will find that our product will enable you to develop e-Commerce, CMS, CRM, back-end and other web-based solutions with increased efficiency, quality and capability. Our customers think of it as the next level in Dreamweaver MX visual software development."

Included: ImpAKT, NeXTensio, MX Query Builder, MX Looper, MX Widgets, MX Includes

As you will know, after the update to version 8.0.2 DW was not happy with your old version of
MX Kollection.

Here is a solution to get MX Kollection 3.6.5 (the latest before v.4.0 which is still in testing for DW 8.0.2) working, at least it works for me.

There is an install text file in the archive.


You are welcome to download From OxyShare:

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rar passw.: xelbe

have fun…