My Nabyoo Clean Zone v2.3

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My Nabyoo Clean Zone v2.3

My Nabyoo Clean Zone v2.3

My Nabyoo Clean Zone v2.3 | 5.05 Mb
An Internet Filter which effortlessly blocks and restricts Porn, Chat Programs, All P2P Software, Secretly Monitors PC activity and more…

5 Quick Reasons to use My Nabyoo:

Fastest Growing Internet Filter:
(We are quickly becoming the #1 choice for Families, Schools and Libraries)

Filters Porn, P2P, Chat Software and More:
(A wide range of filtering options ensure you cover all areas of the net)

Quick No-Fuss Setup, Easy to Use:
(No other web filter is so quick and easy to setup. Download Your Free Trial today and be protected within minutes!)

Latest Filter and Monitoring Technology on the Net:
(Stay one step ahead, gives you the edge needed to always stay in control)

Leaves Competition In The Dust:
(Don't settle for second best when it comes to protecting your family…)

These days the Internet is an important part of your child's life, for both learning and interacting with other people in the same age group. We do not believe that you should ever restrict the amount of productive time your child spends on the internet as this is like saying "No, you cannot go to the library". My Nabyoo is here to make sure that your child only gets the best out of the internet so that you can have peace of mind while they are surfing away!

Often temptation will and does get the best of many staff that use a work PC. Some are smart and are secretive about this, where as some are just plain obvious (e.g. if their desktop wallpaper is that of a half naked women). In either case its a waste of company bandwidth and time! By using our bulk discounts you can get every PC discreetly clean! Stop Porn, P2P file sharing, media and so much more!

Providing an Internet portal to students can be a risky thing to do. Even with supervision students can easily stumble across inappropriate and offensive material. With kids constantly getting smarter and smarter even the best of school filters are not enough to keep kids safe. To do this effectively you need a perfect all-in-one solution that can outsmart even the brainiest of students! Remove Porn, P2P programs, Video's and more!

Main features:
Block Offensive Content Before It Appears
(Works behind the scenes and stops harmful websites before they appear, including search engine results + newsgroups)
Stop Illegal File Sharing / P2P Software
(Only program on the net to block over 50 File Sharing Programs)
Works with IE 5.0+, FireFox, Netscape, Opera
(Smart and effective content filtering through IE 5.0 and can block all the other popular browsers!)
No Way Out For The Users…
(It is impossible to close or bypass, even by the smartest of users!)
Stealth Mode
(My Nabyoo can run silently and completely hidden from the task bar, system tray, process list, start menu and add/remove programs section!)
Block All Chat Software
(Chat can be fun but it's also a very dangerous place where sex predators like to target kids, restrict chat effortlessly!)
Blocks Any Games!
(Don't want a certain violent game or a program to be able to run on your PC?)
Automatic ScreenShots
(Secretly take high quality pictures of the screen every every x minutes and then view a handy DVD style slide show later to see everything!)
Simple URL logging
(keeps neat and simple logs of all websites visited)
Clever Keyword Filtering
(Lets you block a wide range of offensive websites both brand new and old!)
Password Control
(makes sure only YOU can use the program)
Easy-To-Use! Just install and its auto-optimized for your PC!




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