MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync ver.1.3.1

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MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync ver.1.3.1

MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync ver.1.3.1 | 8,68 MB

MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows you to synchronize and convert from:

* MySQL to PostgreSQL
* MySQL to MySQL
* PostgreSQL to MySQL
* PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL.

Synchronize and convert databases from MySQL to PostgreSQL or from PostgreSQL to MySQL rapidly and reliably! Operate with a whole database or select only needed tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys to proceed! Reach the desired result by simply configuring of several options through Wizard interface or in command line mode! MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync is also applicable for PostgreSQL database synchronization and migration to another PostgreSQL database or even to another PostgreSQL server. Moreover, MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync is quite well for MySQL database synchronizing and migration to another MySQL database or to another MySQL server.
High speed data conversion and performance
Try it now and make sure that it�s true! MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync establishes a direct connection to source and destination databases. Thanks to improved quality of synchronization, data is transferred much faster and more accurate in comparison with lots of universal synchronizers which use ODBC or ADO. It is developed exactly for solving your problem with minimum effort and time!

Safe data synchronization and database integrity
Don�t care about safety of your data. Our converter will do it for you! MySQL2 PostgreSQL Sync supports all PostgreSQL server and MySQL server data types (including `BLOBs`, `ENUMs`, `SETs` and Data Arrays). Primary keys, indexes and foreign keys are supported in the best way.

Update and Insert synchronization
Keep all your databases up-to-date. Insert synchronization is meant for new records adding from a source to a destination database. Update synchronization is meant for replacing of the altered records in destination database. Together they allow keeping distributed databases in agreement.

Database objects (tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys) remapping for synchronization
Synchronize databases with different structures easily! All database objects (fields, indexes and foreign keys) can be remapped on the customization stage.

Full UNICODE architecture support
MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync is based on full Unicode architecture with multibyte character sets support. It is compatible with a lot of character sets (including Unicode utf-8) and associated standards.

Customize your data synchronization process and database copying totally
Synchronize databases with identical or even with different structures! All customizations are organized on the WYSIWYG principal. All objects (tables, fields, indexes, foreign keys) can be tuned up, i.e. renamed, remapped or excluded.

Savable sessions
Save your sessions and use them again if you do not want to loose time for configuring source, destination database and other customizations for conversion process.

Command line mode
Run MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync as a part of your automate solution to activate it from a command line with saved session name as a parameter.

Effective scheduler
Automate running of your MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync by using Data Conversions Scheduler! Convenient scheduler is available for all data converters, so you can run the program without user input after having scheduled it once.


* Insert-synchronization and Update-synchronization available;
* Database objects (tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys) remapping;
* Interactive (GUI) mode / command line mode;
* Feature to replace symbols in names of tables and fields (which are required not to be used as they are the symbols reserved for DBMS internal purposes) with a substitute symbol;
* Automation of the conversion and synchronization process with task scheduler;
* Ability to select ISAM, MYISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB table types when copying data to MySQL;
* High speed data conversion and synchronization. MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync speed noticeably exceeds average showing in this category as the program works with direct access to PostgreSQL server and to MySQL server not through ODBC like other similar converters;
* Unicode Support/Connection character sets support:
MULE_INTERNAL, SQL_ASCII, LATIN1, LATIN2, LATIN5, LATIN7, KOI8, ALT, WIN1250, WIN, WIN1256, ISO_8859_7, ISO_8859_8, UNICODE (utf-8) for PostgreSQL server,
LATIN1, LATIN2, LATIN5, LATIN7, ARMSCII8, ASCII, CP1250, CP1251, CP1256, CP1257, CP850, CP852, CP866, DEC8, GEOSTD8, GREEK, HEBREW, HP8, KEYBCS2, KOI8R, KOI8U, MACCE, MACROMAN, SWE7, TIS620, UTF8 (unicode charset) for MySQL server;
* Primary keys and Indexes support;
* Foreign keys (relations) support;
* Advanced customization options:
- partial selection for database objects to be converted or synchronized;
- database objects (tables, fields, indexes, foreign keys) tuning up before synchronization;
- detection of possible conversion and synchronization errors on customization stage.
* Sessions support - all your settings can be saved and restored later;
* Data array support.
* `ENUM` and `SET` MySQL database types support;
* `BLOB` conversion support;
* Skins support;