N-GAGE: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Posted By: Black-Raven

Citywide blackouts, stock exchange sabotage, electronic hijacking of national defense systems... Information warfare can turn into a world war, and the situation is rapidly escalating in Asia. You are the one and only Sam Fisher, the NSA’s most elite black-ops agent sent on a mission deep into hostile territory. The world relies on you to take down the enemy – silently, precisely, and without leaving a trace.
Hide in the shadows and neutralize your enemies without them even knowing what hit them. You will kill at close-range, use your cutting edge weapons, and utilize new acrobatic moves and suppression techniques, such as the inverted neck break.
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory™ for the N-Gage game deck is the first mobile game in the series set in an immersive 3D world. Go head to head with a friend or play against each other in teams of two over the wireless Bluetooth connection. You can also take on co-operative multiplayer infiltration missions, where teamwork is the ultimate weapon.