Namo WebEditor 2006 Suite

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Namo WebEditor 2006 Suite

Easily Create and Manage Personal and Professional Web Sites! Award-winning Namo WebEditor gives you all the tools you need to build and manage a professional-looking Web site in a single package. Beginners and advanced users alike will appreciate Namo WebEditor's design and script templates, site resource management features, integrated graphics features, and more. Key features include: full WYSIWYG editing environment, automatic creation of layout tables, powerful JavaScript actions and events, flexible wizard for database-driven pages, drag-and-drop site layout, dynamic navigation bars and trees, instant report generation, integrated resource management, editable themes, editable vector graphic elements, image touch-up and manipulation tools, image slicer, photo album creator.

- Powerful JavaScript actions and events; wizard for database-driven pages
- Easily create and manage personal and professional Web sites
- Drag-and-drop site layout; integrated graphics features
- Design and script templates; instant report generation
- Full WYSIWYG editing environment; dynamic navigation bars and trees

***Intuitive Interface
The new Shortcut Bar provides one-click access to some frequently-used commands.
Edit attributes in real time with the improved Property Inspector.
Split the document window in to Edit and HTML panes.
Quickly apply heading levels or custom styles to text content with the Formatting panel.
Manage all the resource files, documents, and hyperlinks easily with the Site Library panel.
Pleasant site creation and publishing
Plan and manage the Web site with enhanced Site Manger.
Create a complete, ready-to-customize site in seconds with the Site Wizard.
Build the site tree easily with the improved site map and nodes.
Instantly upload selected files to your Web server with the Quick Publish command.

***Sufficient Web component library
-Create Photo Albums with automatic thumbnails.
-Add video and audio objects to your pages easily than ever with enhanced Media Wizard.
-Display content from a specified document or URL with Inline frame.
-Insert a text container that is aligned on one side of a content block with Floating boxes.
-Inserting Server-Side Include (SSI) commands.
-Automatically update copyright of your documents at once with Shared content blocks.
-Easily add a JavaScript effect with Script Wizard.
-Add your own custom JavaScripts to Namo WebEditor's Actions folder.
***Distinctive page creation:
-Touch-up and manipulate images with tools such as Namo Capture, Gif Animator, and Image Slicer.
- Edit the Smart ClipArt more easily with improved Smart ClipArt editing.
-A new Site Library panel acts as a library of all the resource files, documents, and hyperlinks in use in the current site.
-Create a rollover effect on a table cell.
-Use images as the bullets in bulleted lists
-Change the color of the scroll bar for a document with the Custom srollbar colors.

***Advanced source control:
-View a document in Edit mode and HTML mode at the same time.
-Validate a document's source code against the XHTML. standard and check it for compatibility with browsers.
-View content defined with the Descendant Selector.
-Namo WebEditor 6 includes a handy HTML/CSS reference.

Namo WebEditor 2006 suite including WebEditor 2006, standalone WebCanvas 2006, and other free tools, is strong in basic HTML functions, convenient to use for anyone from beginners to experts. Saying it covers A to Z of making web sites.

What's NEW and IMPROVED on Namo WebEditor 2006:
- New Namo WebEditor 2006 is optimized to make any type of HTML document in any circumstances to the taste of users.
You can get the felicitous capabilities for stylish designing, seamless coding, and flexible contents authoring power through Namo WebEditor 2006.

What's Standalone WebCanvas 2006:
- Namo WebCanvas 2006 is a standalone vector-based Web graphic authoring tool that provides an intuitive interface and professional graphics editing features.