NecroFile Professional Edition

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NecroFile Professional Edition

NecroFile Professional Edition | 1,7 Mb

NecroFile Professional Edition is a state-of-the-art disk protection utility; little beknownst to most of us, when we tell Windows to delete a file from the trash bin, it is not actually deleted at all. NecroFile eliminates the threat of outside forces bringing your files back from the dead by using a unique system that conforms to all DoD standards. Let NecroFile serve as your primary anti-undeletion tool and your new recycle bin to ensure that your worst nightmares do not become a reality!

Just a few of the features include:
• Add drives to safely destroy already deleted files
• Shred files, folders, and subfolders with ease
• Extensive error handling to avoid troubles
• Integrating enables easy drag and drop
• NecroFile acts as a Recycle Bin (just drag files onto it!)
• Schedule when and what you want to clean
• Password protect NecroFile
• Can be set to run without appearing or supress all messages/output
• The background and color scheme can be customized
• Encryption and randomization increase your security
• Save, open, and print lists for record-keeping and automation
• Choose the individual number of passes and the speed of operation
• … and much more!