NetOp Remote Control v9.00.b2006157

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NetOp Remote Control v9.00.b2006157

NetOp Remote Control v9.00.b2006157 | 13 Mb
For Windows (Guest, Host + serial)

DanWare Data A/S NetOp Remote Control v9.00 Build 2006157 - это кросс-платформенное программное обеспечение для удаленного управле-ния компьютерами через TCP/IP - сети и Интернет. Говоря более простым языком, NetOp Remote Control 9.00 позволяет видеть экран удаленного компьютера и полностью его контролировать. При этом не имеет значе-ния, где находится управляемый компьютер: в соседней комнате или на другом конце земного шара.

В NetOp Remote Control 9.00 поддерживается передача различных клавиатурных команд (например, CTRL-ALT-DEL, ALT-ESC), передача файлов с помощью специального интерфейса менеджера файлов, обмен данными, содержащимися в буфере обмена компьютеров.
В NetOp Remote Control 9.00 обеспечивается максимальная поддержка различных платформ: от последних Windows Server 2003, XP и 2000 до NT 3.1, Linux, SuSE, Solaris, DOS, OS/2 3.x и Apple Mac OS X!

NetOp Remote Control состоит из двух независимых модулей: Host и Guest. Модуль Host устанавливается на компьютере, которым Вы желаете удаленно управлять, а модуль Guest функционирует на том компьютере, с которого Вы желаете осуществлять удаленное управление. В последней версии представлена функция Inventory предназначенная для сбора информации об установленном аппаратном и программном обеспечении пользовательских компьютеров.

Для решения различных проблем, связанных с маршрутизацией NetOp - трафика, распознаванием имен компьютеров и обеспечением безопасности, выпускаются дополнительные три модуля: NetOp Gateway, NetOp Name Server и NetOp Security Server.

NetOp Remote Control v9.00 Build 2006157 - is a family of cross platform PC remote control products. From the luxury of your own PC you can access remote workstations and servers. You can view the screen on the remote PC, control its keyboard and mouse, transfer files in both directions, initiate chat, audio chat, record sessions, and much more. The NetOp family offers high performance and great stability, yet consumes a minimum of system resources. And it's quick to install and easy to use.

Platform support: - Windows Server 2003 (32 bit) enabled Guest, Host, Gateway, Name Server and Security Server. - Apple Macintosh OS X enabled Host. - Windows CE (X86) enabled Guest and Host. - SuSE Linux 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 enabled Guest and Host. - Red Hat Linux 7.x, 8.0, 9.0 enabled Guest and Host. - Sun Solaris 8.0, 9.0 enabled Guest and Host.
Security - In today’s high-risk IT environment it’s more essential than ever that remote access is restricted to authorized users only. NetOp Remote Control is built on the premise that people seeking access are intruders until proven otherwise. Any access request must fulfil numerous criteria, including authentication and authorization against a local or, better still, centralized authentication system such as Windows Domain, a Directory Service or a RSA SecurID server. The authorization roles also dictate what actions a Guest is permitted to perform remotely. It’s possible to centralize all authentication and authorization with the NetOp Security Server. Using multiple servers provides load-balancing and fault-tolerance which results in minimal downtime. NetOp Remote Control protects the traffic between the modules against eavesdropping by using 256-bit AES encryption. Intruder attacks can be traced by NetOp’s extensive event logging, which stores data both locally and centrally.

Communications - Maintaining your firewall’s effectiveness while allowing efficient, secure remote access to your LAN via the Internet is a constant struggle. Without jeopardising firewall security, the versatile communication layer in NetOp Gateway offers a single entry point from the Internet. The Gateway uses only one open TCP port, allowing up to 200 Guest users to simultaneously reach Hosts on the LAN behind the firewall. All traffic is end-to-end encrypted with 256-bit AES and fully authenticated, offering more than most VPN solutions, yet using a standard computer platform.

Remote management - Managing your network remotely can be cumbersome in Windows since administrative tools are spread out between applications, each with a different user interface. NetOp Remote Control’s Remote Management facility assembles many of these tools in one powerful, easy-to-use console. The Host user can keep working while the computer is being serviced. And Guest users can even collect detailed hardware and software inventory during a session. Remote management sessions also have the advantage of using less bandwidth than a full remote control session, since only management data, rather than screen data, is transmitted between the modules.

P.S. New on this version:
Video support – use web cams for a new session to view the remote user.
Snapshot – allows the Guest to save the current Host desktop image as a file.

Password: CSDxTeam