NetSupport Manager v10.00

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NetSupport Manager v10.00

NetSupport Manager v10.00 | 19.9 MB | WinALL

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NetSupport Manager - Remote Control
The latest evolution in Remote PC support and desktop management. Monitor multiple systems in a single action, deliver hands on remote support or interactive training. Gather real-time inventory and system data. NetSupport Manager provides the ability to support Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and mobile devices all from a single console.

Designed to operate over your network, via mobile communications or the internet securely without the need for firewall configuration, NetSupport Manager provides a single solution for remote support. Adding to traditional Remote Control capabilities, NetSupport Manager also provides a range of supporting tools to aid in support, including dynamic Hardware and Software Inventory reports, Systems Management tools, full Audio support and even the ability to show an Operator's screen in real-time to any number of connected systems as an integrated training tool.

Networks continue to evolve, growing in capability and complexity. A diverse range of platforms, protocols and physical assets provides PC Management and Remote Control Software solutions with the continuous challenge of being able to offer support to a variety of configurations and to ensure that critical IT infrastructure is available when needed most.

Historically, Remote Control and PC Management software focused on removing the need for support staff to physically visit a remote users PC to resolve technical issues. Consequently, users receive a quicker response, resulting in less down time of critical applications. However, organisations now require multi-tasking solutions that offer effective economies of scale and that can perform a broad range of functions, which traditionally would have required multiple applications to have been used. Emphasis is now placed not just on providing more efficient technical support but also in simplifying management tasks and in offering secure remote and mobile working possibilities.

NetSupport Manager combines powerful PC remote control with advanced desktop management functionality leading to one of the fastest levels of ROI available on the market today, specifically in improving user productivity, customer satisfaction and organisational flexibility. With over 6,000,000 systems worldwide supported by NetSupport technology and over 15 years development, NetSupport Manager is a proven solution for any environment.


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Enhancements in NetSupport Manager 10 include:
  • New User Interface - NetSupport Manager 10, now features a totally new "Vista" style interface, that runs across all features of the product.
  • New Auto Group list views - In version 10, client lists can be automatically sorted and grouped by a range of criteria including OS, connection type and so on.
  • Enhanced Thumbnails - Monitor mode thumbnails now offer greater clarity, a larger zoom mode and real time indicators showing active View, FT, Inventory, Registry, Command prompt and chat sessions.
  • New Group Hierarchy - Manager 10 now features a company Hierarchy allowing all known clients to be organised and structured into a single tree view.
  • Enhanced Show mode - Manager 10 extends the Show mode to allow an Operator to Show their entire screen, just a selected Monitor or just a selected application to any number of selected clients in real-time.
  • Enhanced Chat - version 10 now supports dynamic hyperlinks within chat sessions.
  • File Transfer - Performance enhancements and now supports transfers over 4Gb.
  • Remote Update - NetSupport Manager allows an existing NetSupport user to remotely update connected clients to the latest version of the product on the fly.
  • Windows Vista - NetSupport Manager 10 now offers BETA support for Windows Vista.

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DOS, Win 95/8, Win NT , Win ME, Win 2000, Win XP, Win 2003 and Vista.

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