NewsReactor ver. 1.0.9044

Posted By: useros
NewsReactor ver. 1.0.9044

NewsReactor ver. 1.0.9044 | 1 Mb

NewsReactor is a tool to download binaries from usenet newsgroups. NewsReactor scans, combines and downloads files from selected newsgroups.

* Simple userinterface.
* Multigrouping, similar files are grouped together.
* Highspeed multithreading downloading with low level socket technology.
* Advanced error correction on a message part based algorithm. This ensures (almost) no incomplete parts.
* Built in smart UU, Base64 and yEnc decoding with error correction.
* Selecting up to eight active threads.
* Multiple server scanning and combining.
* Incremental scanning (only scanning of new articles).
* Adjustable download speed to give other applications bandwidth.
* Selectable download directories for each newsgroup.
* Responsive Pause and Stop processing.
* Shows download speed.
* Filters (with regular expressions).
* Find messages.
* View messages.
* Post messages and replies.
* More and more features every new release!