Newtek Lightwave [8] ver. 8.3 build 801 Update Only

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Newtek Lightwave 3D ver. 8.3 build 801 Update Only

Major features:

This version is needed for running the new WorleyLabs FPrime 2.0 / G2 plug-ins

Multi-core processor support:
LightWave [8] version 8.3 includes native multi-core support, providing optimization and support for multi-core technology. Multi-core processor technology will provide the power of two processors on a single chip, allowing LightWave to leverage system resources to significantly improve work flow, performance and the speed of the 3D rendering process over the current generation single-core processor systems. For the end-user, multi-core processor technology will offer the best performance-per-watt ratio, offering systems more efficiency and performance while reducing heat dissipation and consuming less power than multiple single-core systems.

PSD Import/Export revisions:
LightWave [8] version 8.3 has introduced many improvements to the PSD Exporter. The menu layout has been reorganized for easier navigation, including new filtering options. Final Render is actually several filters in one, all of which will be activated when you look at the PSD file. The following additional filters will be available in the PSD file: Effect (-), Effect (+), Surface, Diffuse Lighting, and Refraction.

New "Text Layers" tool:
The Text Layers tool allows you to type letters, numbers, and other symbols and automatically have them beveled and extruded. Text Layers also has multiple layers and settings options.

Improved Vector Blur routines:
The Vector Blur plugin has been improved in LightWave 3D version 8.3. Motion vector blur is a post processing algorithm. When an image is rendered, a 2D vector is calculated for each pixel. This vector, which represents a straight line, is used to blur the image. LightWave’s Motion Vector Blur plugin can achieve a very high quality motion blur.

New "Relative Particle Age" gradient option for HyperVoxels:
LightWave version 8.3 has introduced a new gradient option for HyperVoxels, Relative Particle Age. This new gradient is based on the relative lifespan of each particle. This gradient is useful if you are using the random lifespan option in Particle FX. You also have the option to set up an addition +/- timeframe to make the age of each particle more random.

New "Blending" surface-tension control for HyperVoxels:
A new box has been added to enable/disable the surface tension of HyperVoxels. Checked, Blending will result in the HyperVoxels connecting in close proximity. Unchecked, the HyperVoxels will not connect in close proximity. With Blending off, you can create things like sand, gravel, and other loose particulate matter.

Point limit per polygon increased from 1024 to 16383:
LightWave [8] version 8.3 has improved upon the EPSF Loader. These changes include the above mentioned point limit increase for polygons. Also, Import options now include EPS files up to Illustrator CS and AI files up to version 8.

Enhanced Documentation for LightWave's Object Properties Edge Tab functions:
Documentation has been revised for better clarity on the existing functionality.

Lightwave v8.3 build 801

Password: BlueBeta3D