NewtPad 1.5e

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NewtPad 1.5e

NewtPad 1.5e
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NewtPad is a powerful text editor you'll find indispensable after you try out its many unique features. It's got everything you'd expect from any top quality text editor such as copy, paste, undo, find, replace, word wrap etc… but how many other text editors can do all of this:

Open multiple files
You aren't limited to having a single file open like with Windows Notepad.

On the fly spelling and HTML checking
Your file is checked as you type and an audible warning is giving when you make a spelling mistake or highlighted if you make an HTML mistake. Right click for a selection of corrected spellings.

Drag with the right hand mouse button
You can drag the file around using the right hand mouse button. When you try this you'll wonder why all programs don't do it!

View a map of your file
A window to the side of NewtPad shows a zoomed out map of your text file and highlights the currently viewed area making navigation easy and fun.

Syntax highlighting
HTML, CSS, XML, C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby and INI files are all automatically colour coded.

As well as syntax highlighting your HTML you can also tidy it, remove whitespace, auto-indent and Shift + double click to select a whole nested tag.

Replace in all files
Find and replace text in all open files to save you time.