Switch to New Yahoo Mail (AJAX TECH)

Posted By: Qasem
Switch to New Yahoo Mail (AJAX TECH)

Switch to New Yahoo Mail (AJAX TECH)

use this to Convert Your Current Yahoo Mail to New Yahoo Mail BETA.
and there no need to wait for New Yahoo Mail !

Staying in-touch is faster and simpler with the Yahoo! Mail Beta.
Welcome. Thanks for checking out our new beta. It's everything you love about Yahoo! Mail, plus lots more.

Features by the bucket-full.
Enjoy a fast, intuitive new interface that makes it so much easier to stay in touch and organize messages. You can drag & drop email here and there, and have lots of messages open at once. You also get email automatically (no need to keep checking), and it's easy to preview messages.

But you gotta see it to believe it.
Words don't begin to explain it all. Explore the Yahoo! Mail Beta by checking out our tutorial. Or forgo the theatrics and jump into our Mail Beta FAQ.

Feeling separation anxiety?
Relax –– all your messages, preferences, and contacts go with you to the Yahoo! Mail Beta. And you can easily switch back to original Yahoo! Mail anytime.

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