Nofeel FTP Server Enterprise v3.2.3030.0

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Nofeel FTP Server Enterprise v3.2.3030.0

Nofeel FTP Server Enterprise v3.2.3030.0 | 3,89 Mb

Nofeel FTP Server is an FTP Server program specially written for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (or higher version). With Nofeel FTP Server you can allow others to download or upload files on your PC through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Based on excellent characteristics introduced from Windows 2000/XP/2003, it provides high stability and performance, at the same time consumes little system resource. You can view the server's real-time statistics, and can also manage the server easily.

What's New in 3.2
HTTP/WebFTP Server - From version 3.2 Nofeel FTP Server has an integrated mini HTTP server. It allows your users browse/download files through HTTP with their web browser programs like IE (You don't need to do anything more!), we call this webftp function. Though it is not designed to provide general web functions (like IIS, Apache, etc), you may use it as an limited web server, users can browse static html pages on your computer.
Please refer to HTTP Server

What's New in 3.0
Domain (Virtual server) - From version 3.0 Nofeel FTP Server add domain support. A domain can be thought as a virtual server, it has independent listening ip/port, users/groups. Server can run several domains at the same time, so you can run a domain for public files that most users can visit, while run another domain listening on a secret port for private files that only certain users can visit it.

Settings window is more user-friendly - It is much easier to change server/domain/user configurations. For settings like Ip Access, Directory Access, Virtual Directory, you can edit them directly in settings window, not need to open a more single window and edit.

Better design for large amount of user accounts - In version 2.x, if user account number is large, server performance is not ideal. Server 3.0 takes new design to solve this problem.

MODE Z - Compress files on the fly - Server 3.0 supports new MODE Z command in FTP protocol, which boost the transfer speed of directory listing and files downloading/uploading, especially for directory listing and text files.

Settings' external storage (database storage) - Server 3.0 allows you provide your private DLL to store domain/user settings. Nofeel FTP Server also provides such a DLL that can store settings to Microsoft SQL Server. It can be downloaded from Nofeel FTP Server website.

What's New in 2.x
New ftp commands - Three new commands, XCRC, XMD5 and CLNT are added. XCRC and XMD5 help ftp users to know if a file is broken during the downloading procedure. CLNT helps server to know ftp client programs' information.

Better SSL certificate support - Nofeel FTP Server now supports eastern language in generating SSL certificate, like Chinese, Japanese, etc. Certificate files are saved in folder "cert" now, each certificate includes three files: *.crt, certificate file; *.key, certificate private key file; *.key.password, private key password (if exists). Thus it's easier for users to use third-party certificate than in old version.

Improve router/firewall settings - In Server settings group "Passive" is renamed to "Router/Firewall", easier to understand. Server LAN Ip doesn't need to set now, Nofeel FTP Server automatically decide if an client is in server's LAN, so doesn't send it router/firwall IP as passive IP.

SSL support - Now Nofeel FTP Server fully supports industry's standard SSL security protocol. Server can be chose to run as any type of Regular, Explicit SSL or Implicit SSL. When running as Explicit SSL type or Implicit SSL type, all commands and file datas transfered between client and server are encrypted (128-bit encryption). For SSL cerficate, Nofeel FTP Server supports 1024-bit and 2048-bit length RSA key.

Login time restriction - Nofeel FTP Server allows you restrict users' login time in a flexible way. You can allow a user account login only on business days 8:00am - 6:00pm, or deny a user account login on first day of every month.

Access files on LAN computers - Nofeel FTP Serve allows you set users' home directories (or virtual directories) on any computers running Windows on your LAN. For ftp users, as if all the files are on the computer which running Nofeel FTP Server.

$(HOME) variable support - Now in Directory Access List and Virtual Directory List you can use $(HOME) variable, so if you change user's home directory, you don't need to update them again.

Silent mode on minimize - You can set administration to automatically enter into slient mode when it is minimized to system tray.

Shortcut link better support - Server automatically create invisible virtual directories for every directory in Access Directory List. So even if a shortcut link file is resolved to a directory that is neither in home directory nor in any explicit virtual directory, it can be accessed by user provided the resolved directory(file) is in Access Directory List.

System Requirements
It is suggested that the machine have these minimum requirements:
- Pentium processor
- 128MB memory, more memory useful for better performance
- 10MB free disk space for Nofeel FTP Server program and other files
- 800x600 resolution VGA, program can run under 640x480, but looks ugly

One of the following operating system is required:
- Windows 2000 Pro, Server, or Advanced Server
- Windows XP
- Windows 2003

Nofeel FTP Server has been tested and shown to be compatible with most popular FTP client programs. They include but not only the following:
- Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
- Ftp.exe (installed with Windows)
- Flash FXP
- CuteFTP/CuteFTP Pro
- Smart FTP
- Crystal FTP
- FTP Voyager
- BulletProof FTP

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