Grain Surgery 2 — noise remover

Posted By: Pipkin
It was released in 2002, but still is good and fast.

Grain Surgery is fairly straightforward to use as long as you've read the brief (but complete) manual. There aren't that many controls, and their purpose is easily grasped. I opened my test image in Photoshop, made a duplicate layer so I could more easily save before/after shots for this review, and jumped right in.
Sometimes it’s nice to find a filter that just doesn’t try to be anything but just what it is. A plug-in that adds grain where you want it. That’s it.

The program is simply a noise manipulation tool that was created after Shekter, it’s creator, who spent a year figuring out how film grain and other noise actually works, then finding out how to express it mathematically and devising a new algorithm that can sample and remove noise while preserving image detail.
The interface is as simple as turning on a light almost. Everything is easy to find, easy to work the sliders and the preview is quick and clear. In the sample, I selected the smooth table surface where the pencil rests, and the filter put the noise only in the selection. You can manipulate the color, intensity and type (overlay, additive, film etc) of effect and which color is going to be effected. And to remove noise? Same steps. Select where you want noise remove, and the program smoothes out the surface to your specifications.

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