Norton Ghost v 10 -- FCNiSO ++ Lz0

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Save the stuff you care about with the new Norton Ghost. From digital photos and music files to tax documents and personal journals, Norton Ghost 10.0 stores away the things you hold dear. In fact, it automatically backs up everything on your computer from music and photos to settings and applications. That means you can go about your business worry-free, knowing your most prized digital items are protected from loss.

With its new task-driven interface, Norton Ghost backups are quick and orderly. So is initial setup. When you load Norton Ghost, it scans your system for the best place to back up your data, automatically establishes a backup schedule, and begins creating backups right away. You can also design your own backup schedule, and on-demand backups are always available at the click of a button.

Versatile and efficient, Norton Ghost backs up to a wide range of media devices. It also manages your backup space, constantly monitoring for adequate room and using compression and incremental backups to maximize disk space. And should disaster strike, complete recovery is quick and easy. Even if you can't start your operating system, Norton Ghost can bring back your entire system - and all your valuable stuff - in a few short steps.

NEW! User interface allowing task-base categorization and organization to greatly simplify back up and recovery, new and easy-to-use screens are built upon and integrate with the main console.

NEW! Easy Set up Wizard with one-step process that recognises all drives associated with the computer and automatically determines which drives need protection and which drive serves the best recovery location. Creates a backup schedule by default.

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- Immediately begins creating a new back up recovery point with one click

- Automatically detects when new storage devices are added to the computer and determines which drives are optimal locations for backup and recovery

- Automatically monitors the amount of disk space necessary to store recovery points

- Provides a single place where users can view all back up schedules and levels of back up.

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