NXPowerLite ver.3.0.3

Posted By: vincente
NXPowerLite ver.3.0.3

NXPowerLite ver.3.0.3 | 2,48 MB

NXPowerLite optimizes PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files by compressing the graphics and embedded documents stored within them. It can radically reduce the size of media-rich files, with no discernible loss of quality making them easier to use, store and share. It's fast, effective and incredibly easy to use. Compression settings are fully customizable, so you can choose the perfect balance between quality and compression. And batch processing options mean that you can optimize a number of files in one go, immediately freeing up large amounts of hard drive or network server storage. You can optimize files from within PowerPoint, Word, Excel or Windows Explorer. NXPowerLite also integrates with Microsoft Outlook- so you can optimize your e-mail attachments before sending. File recipients do not need to have NXPowerLite on their machines. Your optimized files retain their original format and all of their functionality, so they can be opened and edited by anybody with MS Office.

Version 3. 0. 3 can now be registered at install time using MSI properties (NXNAME and NXCODE).