NXPowerLite v2.23 Standard Edition (Shrink PowerPoint files)

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NXPowerLite v2.23 Standard Edition (Shrink PowerPoint files)

NXPowerLite v2.23 Standard Edition (Shrink PowerPoint files)

NXPowerLite v2.23 Standard Edition (Shrink PowerPoint files)

Optimize your Mcft PowerPoint presentations
* Reduce the size of your PowerPoint files by as much as 95%
* Lessen the load on your communication networks
* Improve the performance of your media-rich presentations
NXPowerLite™ radically reduces the size of your PowerPoint files. It’s fast, effective and incredibly easy to use. There’s no need to manually tweak your presentation content, allowing you to focus on creating a great presentation.

Standard Edition
No installation required. Simply drag your presentations onto the NXPowerLite icon to optimize them. Compatible with Windows XP, 2000, NT

Q: Why were my PowerPoint files so large to start with?
A: Generally, a lot of the file bloat experienced in PowerPoint presentations is due to a combination of:
(1) Graphics stored in uncompressed formats, such as TIFF or BMP.
(2) Large images being scaled down or cropped within PowerPoint, as PowerPoint still stores the full-size image within the presentation file.
(3) Embedded objects from other software packages, such as Excel charts, Photoshop images or Visio drawings.

Q: What file formats does NXPowerLite use when optimizing graphics?
A: When optimizing the graphics contained in PowerPoint presentations, NXPowerLite intelligently chooses one of three file formats, depending on the type of graphics:
(1) The JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format is great for photographic images containing lots of colours or smooth gradients.
(2) The PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format provides an excellent replacement for the popular GIF file format, offering better compression (between 5% and 25%) and more features for us to take advantage of.
(3) The EMF (Enhanced Meta File) format enables very clear vector graphics to be stored at a tiny file size, making it perfect for flattened embedded objects such as Corel Draw drawings or Excel charts.

Q: What does 'Flatten embedded objects' mean?
A: Embedded objects (such as Excel charts, Visio drawings or Photoshop images) tend to store far more information than PowerPoint actually requires in order to display them (a Photoshop image will, for example, store all of the layer information that built up during its creation). Flattening an embedded object removes this 'behind the scenes' data, leaving only the information that PowerPoint needs in order to display the object correctly. This drastically reduces the file size, but means that the object will no longer be editable from within PowerPoint. This is why NXPowerLite always asks before flattening an embedded object in a PowerPoint file.

Download, includes Keygen from EMBRACE + manul in pdf. Only 861 KB; no installation
Download NXPowerLite v2.23 Standard Edition

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