Offline Commander Version. 2.2

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Offline Commander Version. 2.2

Offline Commander V 2.2
4,87 Mb
The Best website Downloader
For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000/2003

How Offline Commander differs from other offline browsers

The most distinctive feature of Offline Commander is that it can download and save virtually everything you can view with a standard browser, be it Flash, JavaScript links (no matter how complex the scripts are), content available through web forms, HTTPS websites, or FTP sites. Just as other offline browsers Offline Commander may fail to download some sites or Web pages automaticaly but you can always fix this with a few clicks of the mouse. If Offline Commander failed to download a particluar page, just open the page in the built-in browser and the page will be retrieved with the help of the browser.

Offline Commander is the only offline browser that provides security against viruses and malicious
scripts you can download along with Web pages. When you browse the offline content with the integrated browser you can be sure that you have the same level of security as when you browse the Internet with Internet Explorer. Other offline utilities store downloaded Web sites on your local hard drive as linked files or run a Web server on your PC. When you browse your local hard drive the browser turns off security as it assumes you browse a trusted content. Offline Commander tells the browser that the pages you browse must be treated the same way as pages from the Internet (in a secure manner).

Offline Commander gives you a true ability to download only the pages you need and nothing else. And you do not have to use filters for this purpose (though the program provides you with very powerful filters). You do not have to set levels and filters for a task. Just open a page in the built-in browser and drag the links you want to retrieve to a special topmost window called Drop Box.
The program will download these links in the background. You can also drag Web page text selections to the Drop Box. Every link in the selected text will be downloaded.

You can browse tasks with the built-in browser while the program downloads them. Retrieved pages will be loaded immediately. If you click on a link that is not yet retrieved, it will be scheduled for immediate download.

You can search the downloaded Web sites and pages for a particular word, phrase, or any combination of them. The program gives you very powerful search capabilities. Offline Commander works like a search engine but searches only the offline content.

Highly recommended.

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