OnyxTREE CONIFER - modeling software for vegetation

Posted By: gsa18
OnyxTREE CONIFER is a dedicated procedural creator and modeler of 3D CONIFER trees and bushes. Besides 3D it exports lit single polygon panel trees with shadow. The modeler comes with extensive CONIFER Library with over 50 of ready-to-use presets of trees, bushes and other plants.
Key features of OnyxTREE CONIFER modeler
# Intuitive and fast parametric modeling
# OnyxTREE CONIFER Library included
# Save 3D model as 3DS, C4D, DXF, FAC, LWO, and OBJ
# Render with light and shadow
# Hi-res export with alpha channel and one polygon panel
# Wind settings
# Chain-saw pruning, trunk shapes, needle curvatures, etc...
# Exquisite user interface

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