OnyxFLOWER ver. 1.0

Posted By: Albert Fedotov
OnyxFLOWER comes with OnyxFLOWER Library - a collection of already created flowers ready to use, modify, and expand upon.
+ Additional flowers from OnyxFlower Nursery

OnyxFLOWER ver. 1.0

Key features:
  • Models a wide variety of 3D, biologically faithful flowers
  • Models flowers in flower beds
  • Models flowers in flower pots
  • Models flower pots of all kinds and shapes
  • Numerous parameters for modeling control and detail
  • Extremely well thought out intuitive interface
  • On line Help for each and every interface control
  • Exports 3D models as 3DS, C4D, DXF, FAC, LWO, and OBJ
  • Exports 3D geometry
  • Exports color-per-vertex coordinates
  • Exports UV mapping coordinates
  • Exports multiple layers/sub-objects/sub-materials
  • Comes with seven tutorials
  • Comes with OnyxFLOWER Library
  • Additional flowers in our Nursery for free download

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