Optimal Access Optimal Desktop Mobile Edition 2004 4.0

Posted By: quil__23

Mobile Desktop is Optimal Desktop on any removable drive. You can launch Mobile Desktop on any windows based PC and carry all of your Internet favorites, desktop settings plus your files with you.

Why do I need to take My Desktop with me?

You are visiting a client to make a presentation. You have researched and bookmarked web pages along with your PowerPoint Presentation, but you can not use your laptop to get on the Internet because of security. Plug in Your USB drive into their computer, and launch your desktop on their system.

You have a PC at home and one at work. You want to keep your favorites and desktop settings synchronized. Simply run your desktop off of your USB drive and or synchronize your desktop files and always work off of the same desktop no matter which computer you are on.

You are a student and use the computer center to access the Internet, check News, do research and chat. Mobile Desktop makes any PC feel like your own.

You are a consultant and are always working on someone's computer. Use Mobile Desktop to bookmark all of your web reference, customize the navigation of each location in its own cabinet and greatly improve your productivity.

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