PalmOS: PalmaryClock v3.0.4

Posted By: Black-Raven

PalmaryClock is a multifunctional clock of variable design. It can be transformed into either classical, digital or alarm clock, watches or calendar according to your wishes. Our aim was to develop stylish clock which will be «gratifying to the eye». And it seems to us, we have succeeded. It is dead certain you have never seen such graphic on the Palm platform! The great numbers of skins we have developed for PalmaryClock allow you to design the clock according to your likes. You can also create new skins by yourself. It is possible to use digital photos for creating skins, including those taken with your digital camera. We have worked a lot to make the advanced graphics not slow down the program. PalmaryClock reacts immediately to all your commands. Even on the old devices not more than a second will pass from the program start, and clock will appear on your Palm-organizer screen showing the current time.