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My Carbs v1.71 :: VAT Calculator v1.02c :: Music Teacher v4.1 :: Gluco-Log v5.0.1 :: Gluco-LogP v1.1 :: Holidays at Hand v1.5 :: Garage Sale Pro v1.0 :: Shop 'n Do v1.0.1

My Carbs v1.71

My Carbs keeps track of your daily carbohydrate intake, letting you manage what you eat. Keep track of your diet intake averages and weight loss. My Carbs includes a very extensive list of food items and the carbs asssociated with them. Now Dieters have the power in the Palm of their hand!

Gluco-Log v5.0.1

Throw away that paper logbook...Gluco-Log is the ideal way to track blood sugars and insulin dosage!
Gluco-Log is designed to record the maximum amount of diabetes related data, requiring minimal effort and time. In addition, Gluco-Log accurately calculates and displays averages for test times, blood sugar readings and insulin dosage, for up to 8 daily events (breakfast, lunch, etc.,).

Gluco-LogP v1.1

Gluco-LogP is an insulin pump user's ideal digital logbook!
Gluco-LogP is designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing you to record the maximum amount of diabetes related data with minimal effort.

VAT Calculator v1.02c Home

CrOsborne VAT Calculator is a dedicated sales tax calculator. This version is for the PALMOS operating system v3.5 or higher and is designed for the Palm screen (160x160 pixels) - and also higher resolution devices eg Sony Clie 320x320 pixels. There are four values shown - net amount, tax rate, tax amount, and gross amount. You can enter a value any one of these and the application shows the result in the other fields.
When entering net or gross amounts it takes the displayed tax rate and shows the tax amount and gross or net result. When entering tax amount, it takes the net as given and calculates the effective tax rate and gross. There are four buttons for preset tax rates which can be changed, or a tax rate can be entered directly.

Music Teacher v4.1

The Music Teacher's Assistant is a practical, efficient application for managing either a home based teaching studio or conservatory roster of students. It provides the user with immediate access to teaching schedules, student profiles, lesson history, records payments & attendance, creates lists of items to order, records income/expenses from teaching and other sources. In addition, it offers a variety of export options and includes pre-compiled reports (pc users only) that can be viewed or printed from the desktop.

Garage Sale Pro v1.0

Garage Sale Pro is a user-friendly program that will help you organize your garage sale, as well as keep track of items you have purchased at other sales.

Holidays at Hand v1.5

Add holidays for 2005 through 2010 quickly and easily!
View upcoming holidays, in any of 8 different categories. With one click, install your selection of holidays to Datebook or just as quickly remove them.

Shop 'n Do v1.0.1

Shop'n Do is a task manager replacement for the built in task or ToDo application on your PalmOS device, and shopping list creator rolled into one!

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