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Spider-on-the-Palm v1.41 :: US Army Body Fat Calculator v2 :: C Roid 2 v1.0 :: GolfHandicap v2.2

Spider-on-the-Palm v1.41
Spider-on-the-Palm is an implementation of the Spider Solitaire for Palm handhelds. Spider Solitaire is one of best-known two-deck solitaires, despite the fact that it's an extremely difficult game to win. It seems to inspire a fanatic devotion among some players. Perhaps the rareness of a win makes it all the more satisfying when, once in a while, it does come out.

US Army Body Fat Calculator v2
Simple tool to calculate Body Fat Percentage. This tool calculates body fat percentage according to U.S. Army standards set forth in AR 600-9. Even notifies about your Overweight status and amount of Body Fat to reduce. You can even save and load measurements for further references.

C Roid 2 v1.0
C-ROID 2, the sequel to C-ROID, is an advanced action/RTS game for your Palm. In the far future, after humanity has dominated most of the galaxy, the last natural resources available are minerals found in asteroid fields. You are the leader of a small expeditionary force that has stumbled across a rich asteroid field with more than enough minerals to last all of humanity for centuries. Unfortunately, a rival mining corporation has already found it, and is in the process of mining it. You are to build up your mining force and meet your quotas while trying to leave nothing for them to collect. Try to make them go bankrupt! This program is designed for an OS5 device, but it may work on OS 4.1 devices with color (although not correctly all the time).

GolfHandicap v2.2
Computes golf handicaps and trends for an unlimited number of players, courses and rounds. Uses the standard USGA prescribed formula. Extensive documentation provided.