Parasoft C Plus Plus Test Professional ver.

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Parasoft C Plus Plus Test Professional ver.

Parasoft C Plus Plus Test Professional ver.
OS: Windows | 65,8 Mb

An automated C/C++unit testing and coding standard analysis product. It automatically generates and executes unit tests for instant verification, and allows users to customize and extend these tests as needed. In addition, it checks whether code follows over 700 coding standard rules.

System Requirements

* Windows
o Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
o One of the following compilers: Microsoft® Visual C++® 6.0, .NET®, .NET ® 2003, or 2005; GCC 2.95.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.x, or 3.4.x; Green Hills MULTI for Windows x86 Native v4.0.1
o Pentium class processor 800MHz
o 512 MB RAM (1 G recommended)
o 150 MB free disk space for C++test installation
o Additional disk space for C++test projects data


* Decrease time-to-market by identifying and fixing defects early in development cycle
* Improve team development efficiency by automating best practices and deploying a consistent workflow for code static analysis and unit testing
* Implement and automatically enforce team-or company-specific coding standards and guidelines
* Prevent code errors by utilizing custom coding rules to catch application-specific defects
* Raise effectiveness of code reviews by focusing on functional and design aspects and leveraging static analysis for basic conformance checks
* Automatically generate baseline unit and module tests
* Ensure code correctness using highly sensitive regression testing at the API level
* Assess effectiveness of existing tests using built-in coverage engine with six code coverage metrics
* Support multi-platform development with one code quality management tool


* Coding standards static analysis with configurable sets of over 700 built-in rules, including nearly 50 security rules
* RuleWizard for creating custom rules using graphical code representation or automatically from code samples
* Team-wide or company-wide rule sharing with Team Configuration Manager
* Context-sensitive and traceable suppression of rule violations
* Automated generation of executable unit and API tests for C and C++ code
* Direct import of existing CppUnit tests
* Built-in code coverage analysis, including line, path, basic block, branch (decision), simple condition, MCDC coverage metrics
* Seamless integration with code debuggers to monitor execution and results of unit tests
* Graphical test case editor
* Object repository with graphical object editor
* Support for external data sources
* Text, HTML, and XML reports
* GUI (interactive) and command-line (batch) mode
* Seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio

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