PatchFactory v3.1

Posted By: Alexpal
Программа будет особенно полезна разработчикам программного обеспечения. При помощи PatchFactory Вы легко сможете создавать самораспаковывающиеся патчи, т.е. какие-то обновления Ваших программ. Программа позволяет, чтобы Ваш патч изменял данные сразу в нескольких файлах. Удобное управление программы в виде визардов.

PatchFactory v3.1 | 3,37 Mb

PatchFactory is a full-featured byte-level patching system for bandwidth-efficient software updating with a robust feature set that gives software developers the ability to tailor the update process to their specific needs and to significantly reduce end-user support costs. PatchFactory provides software developers with a comprehensive solution for creating reliable full-history multilingual software update modules in a famous installer style, ensuring that end-users always have the latest version of your software product.

When integrated into your application, in addition to complete comprehensive version management of your software product, PatchFactory performs almost any updating task, including synchronizing files, running an installer, updating your software, automatic backup, MD5 checks to ensure accuracy, advanced log maintenance, and even performing a custom action to keep your customers up-to-date and to significantly reduce your end-user support costs, and thus can become an efficient money and time saving solution to use.
The byte-level patch building engine is an innovative standard for producing compact reliable version-to-version and multi-version (cumulative) software updates at a very high speed even for Gigabyte sized files contained in one small, secure self-installing package. The patching engine is not content dependent, so it may be used whenever data is changed at one location and must be efficiently updated at another, patching engine provides support for all file types and file sizes using adaptive features of patch building algorithm.
Designed for use on all Windows platforms in use today, these patch packages can be distributed on a diskette, CD-ROM or sent via email, web or LAN. Using the adaptive cutting-edge differencing technology of the patch building engine you can reduce your software update size by 90-99%. The small patch file footprint makes it an an ideal tool for updating in a bandwidth-sensitive environment.
Using PatchFactory's innovative technology you can create a complete, yet compact update installation package for the application in a few minutes and make it available for download, or issue a media that contains the update package. You can release your software updates, patches or bug fixes as often as you require.
Extensive error checking is performed both at the time the patch file is constructed and when it is applied on the end-user's machine, ensuring the integrity of the updated system.
And furthermore, PatchFactory can be used to update any other all-important data which "freshness" can appear to be critical for your business (any type of documents, databases, etc.). PatchFactory utilizes an intelligent comparison algorithm designed to work well on any type of file. In addition, the patch files are compressed to make them even smaller. The small size of patch files allows them to be quickly copied or transferred, e.g., via web or LAN to another machine.

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