PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe ver.

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PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe is a software utility to recover deleted files and folders. Additionally you can use PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe to securely wipe (shred) the deleted files and folders so they can not be recovered with any forensic data recovery tool.

What is data recovery?
The process of recovering files lost due to damaged hard disk, a disk format or simply a deletion followed by emptying Recycle bin, is called data recovery.

You would use data recovery software if you accidentally lose important files such as photos, emails and video clips. Forensic companies would use data recovery software to track crimes. Parents might want to know more about what their children are doing.

How come data can be recovered after deletion or disk format?
When you delete files and folders or format hard disk, Windows only flags the area of disk where the file is residing as free space. Otherwise the data is intact.

Can data be recovered under any circumstances?
No. As long as the data is not overwritten, it can be recovered or partially recovered, if it was partially overwritten. The field "Condition" in PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe refers to file health percentage.

Whenever you need to recover deleted files, you should immediately stop using the computer to avoid overwriting the deleted files.

What is data wipe or shred?
Making data unrecoverable is called data wipe or shredding. This is done by overwriting the deleted files.