PCStitch Pro 8.03.007

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PCStitch Pro 8.03.007

PCStitch Pro 8.03.007 | 52 MB

This software allows the user to create cross-stitch patterns on your home PC. The patterns can be created by drawing them from scratch or by importing a graphic file. Patterns created from graphics such as a scanned photograph are automatically sized to your requirements and the colors in the image are mapped to the colors of the floss manufacturer of your choice. If you draw your patterns from scratch, PCStitch offers many different drawing tools to aid you.

The final output of PCStitch is a printed grid from which you can stitch your design. The grid squares contain symbols that represent the floss color to be stitched at that location. Printing options such as color, and size allow you to customize the final output.
PCStitch offers a rich feature set. Use different stitch types, including backstitches. Our text features are unmatched by any other program, and libraries to help you catalog your favorite pieces. All this, and it is still the most easy-to-use program on the market!