PDFreactor Enterprise Site Edition

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PDFreactor Enterprise Site Edition

PDFreactor Enterprise Site Edition ver. 1.0.882 | 19,8 Mb

RealObjects PDFreactor is a powerful formatting processor for converting XML and XHTML/HTML documents into PDF. PDFreactor uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define page layout and styles. The brand new server-side tool enables a great variety of applications in the fields of ERP, eCommerce and Electronic Publishing, such as:

Dynamic creation of documents and reports
Integration into business- and publishing-workflows
Multi-channel publishing of content through Web and Print
Invoices, delivery notes and shipping documents on-the-fly
Automatic generation of technical manuals, data sheets, reports and product information

PDFreactor is a practical choice for publishers, software architects and developers looking for a cross-platform, easy to deploy, cost-effective XML and XHTML/HTML printing solution that does not require any XSL-FO skills to quickly achieve great looking results.

It enables multi-channel publishing using CSS for styling XML and XHTML/HTML documents to be published in print or on the Web. It does not require two different style sheets in two different style languages. You do not have to master the complexities of XSL/XSL-FO syntax and programming. However, PDFreactor comes with built-in support for XSLT processing that offers further flexibility and interoperability for those who need to include a XSLT style sheet on top.