PhotoWatermark Professional ver.

Posted By: useros
PhotoWatermark Professional is the only digital photo-watermarking tool that combines power and ease of use, and radically simplifies the process of creating and applying watermarks to single or multiple files. It uses a mixture of text, graphic and drawing objects of varied complexities. A variety of text styles including angled, outlined, gradient or texture filled, 3D shadowed, inner shadowed, embossed and engraved texts render you watermarks that speak of professionalism. To include copyright and other symbols in watermarks requires just a single click. The relative watermark position and size give your watermarks a consistent appearance on your products. Transparency setting allows you to choose how your pictures will be presented to your potential customers. Watermarks can extract various EXIF, IPTC and file information from individual photo. Most common graphic formats of JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Bitmap, GIF, JPEG2000 and a number of digital camera raw files are supported. A built-in watermark file manager helps you manage multiple watermarks for different purposes. You can save your favorite watermarks into the watermark library library and reuse later. Real time hints are available for beginners. PhotoWatermark Professional supports a combination of batch watermarking, cropping, converting, resizing, renaming, enhancing, framing and printing. You can expect all these wonderful features, and much more! You are guaranteed to create your first watermark in 60 seconds!

PhotoWatermark Professional UNIQUE features:
- Batch processing folders, and if you wish, its subfolders at the same time
- Mulitple watermarks of any complexity
- When you set a percentage for a watermark, it will be automatically size to your picture
- Text can have outline, soft shadow, 3D shadow, innershadow, emboss, engrave, gradient or texture fill.
- Supports drawing watermarks of line, box, ellipse and polygon which can also have gradient or texture fill.
- You can create multiple watermark files for different purposes and switch between them instantly.
- You can save your favorite watermarks in a watermark library and use them later.
- Supports watermarking photos with image data (e.g. EXIF, IPTC, file information).
- Watermarking pictures with someone's age.
- Supports automatically updated watermarks such as date time, age, file info, auto number and more.
- Support scalable vector watermarks without loosing quality
- Supports symbols (e.g. ©®) in all languages.
- Supports JPEG, TIF, GIF, Bitmap, PNG, and digital camera raw files.
- Supports rename template.
- Live hints for beginners.

Changes in PhotoWatermark Professional V6.1.3.5; July 1, 2006 :
- New emboss and engrave algorithm.
- A possible bug fix for batch processing.