PhotoZoom Pro 2.16

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PhotoZoom Pro 2.16

PhotoZoom Pro Version 2.16
Version 2.1.6, release date: Nov 3, 2006 | 5.3 mb

Many professionals are familiar with the problem; quality loss caused by digital image magnification. In many cases a great deal of time is spent on achieving only a fairly acceptable enlargement result, however there are familiar side effects including out-of-focus images and serrated edges which is illustrative for the lack of professional magnification software.

PhotoZoom Pro 2 is based on S-Spline XL: a renewed and improved version of our patented, self-adjusting, many times awarded S-Spline interpolation technology. As we did with S-Spline, our S-Spline XL technology again introduces a revolutionary breakthrough in digital image enlargement. It is able to render sharp and crisp clear image magnifications, perfectly focused, yet without the jagged edges, loss of detail or lack of photorealism that normally come with enlarging images.

The software is perfectly suited for digital photography, large printing, DTP, web design and online publishing, but also for industrial image processing such as space technology, security, medical and forensic applications.

· New S-Spline XL interpolation algorithm!
· Improved, powerful yet very easy to use interface
· Advanced fine-tuning tools for even better enlargement results
· Batch conversion
· Extensive support for high-end image formats (such as 48 & 64 bit images)
· Works as standalone application as well as Adobe Photoshop compatible plugin

What's New

The most important new feature of PhotoZoom Pro 2 is our new revolutionary enlargement technology S-Spline XL. This is a major improvement on our patented and many times awarded S-Spline interpolation method. Compared to the original S-Spline, the new S-Spline XL method allows you to create even better enlargements in terms of sharpness, natural look and feel, photorealism, and lack of artifacts, blurring or jagged edges.

Support for IPTC, EXIF and ICC profiles, making sure your photo's metadata is properly maintained.
The processing speed of the enlargement algorithms has been improved: enlargements are now created up to 40% faster.

Improved selection / cropping functionality, as well as miscellaneous other interface improvements.
PhotoZoom Pro 2 comes as a Universal Application on Mac OS X, allowing it to run natively on both Power PC and Intel based systems.

Besides running as a stand-alone application and plugin for Adobe PhotoShop, PhotoZoom Pro 2 also works in Adobe PhotoShop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Corel Photo-PAINT.

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