PHPEdit v2.6.1

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PHPEdit v2.6.1

PHPEdit v2.6.1 | 20 Mb

PHPEdit is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PHP designed for professional. Including advanced php related tools, powerful debugger and profiler, code beautifier, help integration, real time syntax checker, advanced keyboard templates and much more.

By using PHPEdit you will:

Develop Faster
Because PHPEdit contains several tools to increase your personal productivity like Syntax Highlighting, Code Hint, Code Insight, automatic Code Completion, Keyboard Templates, Quick Marks, Code Browser…

Enhance Quality
Using the debugger you will produce better software because you'll be able to put breakpoints, step inside your code, watch variable content, check call stack and more. Using the profiler, you will tweak your application performances.

Make Your Life Easier
Because PHPEdit is fully customizable you can make it behave the way you want. You will not change the way you work, but you'll work faster and easier because all your tools are just a shortcut away.

Advanced Syntax Highlighting
PHPEdit owns one of the best syntax highlighting available because we do not only match part of text like other editors, we parse all your code in the background to understand what it means. This imply that the IDEis able to know that a quote is either a string delimiter, a special char if it is prefixed by a backslash or simply a quote if it's inside an heredoc string. To say it short the IDE understand what you do and provide highlighting the best way it can to present you the most accurate information.

PHPEdit is also able to work with all other file type you use when working on your projects (Css, Javascript, SQL, XML, XSLT…)

Automatic Syntax Checker
PHPEdit is able to check for syntax errors in the background as you can see on the screenshot. This means that errors are detected sooner and you do not need to run your script to know that a dot coma is missing…

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Password: None Needed
Note: I found an old version on Avaxhome so I updated a new one with lots of changes