Pixologic ZBrush v3.0

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Pixologic ZBrush v3.0

Pixologic ZBrush v3.0
WinAll | 33.3Mb

ZBrush 3 is the next step; the next step in the creation process; the step that liberates you from the restrictions of conventional software; the step that carries you beyond experience and knowledge and into pure imagination. Sculpt using materials that so closely resemble earth you'll wonder why your hands aren't dirty. Pose your sculpture as if you were moving its limbs with your hands rather than a stylus and a tablet. ZBrush's technology allows you to ignore technology altogether, transferring its power directly to your hands, hands that can be used to create, sculpt, imagine and cast your creations as heroes in your own journey.

ZBrush 3 brings you the next step in sculpting, letting you create with shadows, alphas, providing you with a huge palette of brushes, and the ability to create even more. This powerful, scriptable tool lets you control your sculpt as never before, Using a number of mimic materials, you can simulate gravity, create numerous variations atop your original, or even using your original geometry to give your model a whole new wardrobe. And if you’re new to ZBrush, Rapid Start lets you dive into creating with the smallest possible learning curve.

ZBrush 3 gives you access to unparalleled power and control previously unknown in digital art creation software. Controls enable sculptors to create with a stylus and a tablet as intuitively as if they were using their hands on a block of clay. ZBrush further extends the creation experience, harnessing technology and providing artists with a multitude of creation-enhancing tools.
- Transpose
- Perspective camera
- Speed
- Higher Poly Count
- HD Geometry
- Topology
- Scripted Interface
- User Defined Alpha and texture Start up
- 64 bit support

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