podXP ver. 1.0

Posted By: scorpix

podXP ver. 1.0 | 3,89 Mb

podXP (substitute of @zPod) is a new application which makes it possible to optimize the office of Windows XP. This application authorizes, amongst other things, the activation of "pods" (kind of gadget) which will have each one a quite particular function.

The currently available "pods" are as follows:
MiniTask: Bar spots integrating "Window Preview" and Alt+Tab
MiniTray: Management of the notifications of Windows XP
MiniStartMenu: Finely To start of Windows XP
MiniBox: Container of objects Windows (Bonds Web, files, repertories, components of Windows...)
MiniRemoteWMP: Operate by remote control Player Media of Windows XP
MiniRemoteWinamp: Operate by remote control of Player Winamp
MiniClock: Clock
MiniIcon: Icon of the Office
MiniHideTaskBar: Functionality allowing to hide the bar of the spots of Windows XP
MiniNote: Think B├Ęte allowing to add a "Post-it" on the desk
MiniSlideShow: Posting of photographs
MiniMeter: Posting of information system