Poker Pro 2006 ver.

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Poker Pro 2006 ver.

Poker Pro 2006 ver. | Win32 | Size: 14,18 Mb

Poker Pro 2006 is the industries most advanced online poker tool incorporating an online poker calculator, opponent tracking and poker strategy. Poker Pro 2006 gives you the powerful tools you need make calculated decisions on your Poker strategy. Whether you want to learn poker, know your odds of hitting a particular hand or to keep track of your opponents, have a game plan for every hand!

The online poker calculator automatically advises whether to raise, fold, bluff, slow-play, or check-raise. Poker Pro 2006 captures all of the information about the poker game in real-time, including your cards, position, betting activity, pot odds, odds of winning and the number of players at the table. Poker Pro 2006 is designed for hold’em Poker Limit, hold’em no-limit and hold’em tournament play and currently supports online poker sites like Party Poker, Poker Stars, Multi Poker, Empire Poker, Eurobet, Intertops. Are you ready to be a Poker Pro?

Software Features:
Automatically captures cards during real-time play
Makes recommendations based on your hand, position, pot status and more
Tracks your position, how many players are in the pot
Makes recommendations based on how many opponents are in the pot
Tracks playing styles of other players at the table
Adjusts the recommendations to your style of play
Shows real-time odds and statistics
Makes bluffing, check-raising and slowplaying recommendations


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