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MY TODAY SCREEN v1.0 :: GPS PAD v1.13 :: EldoS Corporation Chronos v2.1 :: Jewelsoft Shopping List v1.6.1 :: DeveloperOne Access Panel v4.0 :: Conduits Pocket IP Calc v1.02 :: Marsware WeatherPanel v2.4.3
[GAME]: Isotope244 Atomic Cannon v2.0 :: Nine v1.0

MY TODAY SCREEN v1.0 PPC2002 & XDA versions
This program offers you in one moment:of course the current time and date
of course the battery condition
weather status (large animated picture and thermometer)
weather forecast for the upcoming week
satellite images of clouds, for true weather maniacs
birthday name alerts
todays appointments and plans, or the upcoming one todays received messages

Nine v1.0 PPC
The nice card game

GPS PAD v1.13 WM2003
navigation for hiking, bicycling and car driving, log file analysis, traveling documentation, athletic efficiency control, acquisition of spatial data, geocashing, GPSdrawing and much more! GPS PAD is a combination of a notepad and GPS software with numerous analysis functions.

EldoS Corporation Chronos v2.1 ARM PPC Home
Use Chronos to to save valuable time and avoid looking at the clock every minute.
Chronos fills the gap in Windows Mobile operating system by offering:
1. Unlimited number of highly customizable alarms.
2. Unlimited number of countdown timers.
3. 2 multi-stage lap timers.

Jewelsoft Shopping List v1.6.1 ARM PPC Home
No need of synchronization of your Shopping Lists. Your desktop version of JewelSoft Shopping List can create, open and edit files right from your PC on your device. To make your list use the enclosed items or add your own. Mark the price or add your own for each item and your JewelSoft Shopping List will calculate all the money that you are going to spend. JewelSoft Shopping List is a great way for you to organize your shopping lists. Separate everything in the enclosed categories or add your own. Add the stores where are you usually shopping and select the items which are bought from each one. Are you tired of watching every day the same skin of your Shopping List? JewelSoft Shopping List gives you the opportunity to change it whenever you want.

DeveloperOne Access Panel v4.0 XScale WM2003 Home
AccessPanel gives you the power to instantly paste phrases, contact information, email signatures and more into any application on your Pocket PC at any time.
New Version 4 now supports Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and VGA display resolution Pocket PCs!
AccessPanel pops-up on your Pocket PC just like the on-screen keyboard to quickly fill in appointments and tasks, start a letter, sign an email, even help you track time!

Conduits Pocket IP Calc v1.02 XScale WM2003 Home
Pocket IP is an IP calculator for Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC, and Palm-size PC that performs complex bit mask operations, making tedious operations simple.
Features include:
Decimal/hex/binary conversions
subnet masks and IDs
CIDR masks
Copy subnet ranges to clipboard (for importing into Pocket Word, Excel, or Inbox)
Class masks and bit usages

Marsware WeatherPanel v2.4.3 XScale WM2003 Home
Display the current weather and forecast on your Today Screen!
Current temperature.
Five day forecast.
Support for international cities.
Automatic downloading of updated data when internet connection detected.
Forecasts automatically adjust to display only relevant dates.
Weather for up to four cities can be displayed.
Easy setup and configuration.
Multi-threaded and optimized for speed and performance.
Downloads updates through ActiveSync, or through a direct internet connection (Wifi, GPRS, etc.)

[GAME] Isotope244 Atomic Cannon v2.0 XScale WM2003 Home
Atomic Cannon is a fun arcade game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. In this strategic tank artillery duel you battle against computers or friends on 25 different landscapes. Players take turns aiming and firing at each other with over 85 weapons of mass destruction including nuclear bombs.