Prassi ONES v2.0.330 Multilanguage Retail + Rus

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Prassi ONES v2.0.330 Multilanguage Retail + Rus

Prassi ONES v2.0.330 Multilanguage Retail + Rus | 5.72 Mb
ONES is a unique first class DVD/CD burning application for the Microsoft Windows System!

Prassi отличает "Driverless" подход, т.е. отказ от использования базы данных CD/DVD приводов и непосредственный командный опрос самого привода и отказ от всяких updates. Фирменная технология Fuzzy Logic (методика принятия решения при неясных, двусмысленных, неточных вводных данных, близкая к способу принятия решения человеком) и мультиплатформность в смысле операционных систем также являются козырями Prassi.
В практической области Fuzzy Logic проверяет все установки пользователя и сообщает о тех проблемах, которые могут встретиться при прожиге. Для overburn даже не нужно вводить никаких опций, это выставляется также просто, как скорость прожига, поддерживается CD-R 100 мин.
Программа позволяет легко создавать компиляции MP3, WMA, WMA Professional и WAV файлов, которые потом могут быть проиграны на любом CD-плейере. Легко работает с любыми образами (.ISO, .BIN, .CUE, и т.д.) В области работы с DVD Prassi не только поддерживает Dual Layer, но и открыта для нового стандарта BluRay.

ONES stands for Optical New Edge Storage, and can offer everything users will need for their recording needs. It introduces a new "option checker" engine called Fuzzy Logic. What Fuzzy Logic does is check all options and settings that users input, and reports problems that might occur if burning proceeds. This reduces the chance of making mistakes, since users are protected against making unreasonable settings. It solves problems, and analyzes users inputs, covering both advanced and novice users.
Dynamic interface for both beginners and power users.
Burn easily DVD Video, DVD-ROM, Audio CD, CD Rom, CD Extra, Video CD and much more. All popular and non popular recording formats are supported. It also supports RAW mode and direct copy.
Shielded from making settings mistakes. Fuzzy Logic is doing its best in this regard.
Totally Driverless Application; no frequent download updates are needed.
Create easily Audio compilations from MP3, WMA, Professional WMA or WAV. Compilation will be compatible with all stand-alone CD Players.
It fully supports CD Text, CD Extra, Pre-Gap, UPC and ISRC.
Easy and understandable Overburning. There is no special option tab to enable overburning. You can now choose to overburn your media, just as easily as selecting writing speed. Overburning is accessible through any action.
Full support of CD-R 100 Min.
True recording speed. During the reading process, the effective, real-time writing speed is displayed.
DVD Native application open to all new DVD standards. This software is open to DVD Dual Layer standards and BluRay.
Multi-borders support.
Supports all images (.ISO, .BIN, .CUE, etc.) and creates DiscImage from any actions.
Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Windows Media 9 audio.
Robust device driver and SPTI support.
Prassi Tech introduces ONES, the new CD/DVD recording software that uses the Prassi burning engine. Our first impression of the program was that it was very good. During our tests, we were pleasantly surprised, with ONES offering features that cannot be found in any other, similar software.

You can do practically anything with this software, from copying media to ripping music or even managing image files stored on your hard disc. Fuzzy Logic will make things easier since it will shield you from any errors.

ONES offers a helpful wizard to perform simple tasks, like making CD/DVD copies or creating standard Audio CDs. This wizard provides the simplest procedure we have ever seen. Unfortunately, while the wizard is simpler than ever, only simple tasks are supported through the wizard. For example, you cannot make mixed mode CDs or CD Extra with this wizard.

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