ProChat 2.8

Posted By: griva
ProChat 2.8

ProChat is a real-time chat for home LANs and business Networks. Chat allows secure communication with unlimited users. For connection ProChat uses TCP/IP

protocol stack with IP Multicast feature. This feature allows you to communicate with more than 1 subnets in your corporate lan. No configuration needed for

operation, ProChat is ready for use immedeately after download. ProChat has no server part, so all users have equal access for all functions. In order to help with

communication with many people, ProChat allows you to use channels. Also you can create private channel for one-to-one chatting and send instant messages.

There many useful options in ProChat. It has tray icon like an ICQ, and chat window similar to mIRC. There is very easy to understand how to use all features of

ProChat. It is very important in corporate networks with many users. We also test chat for stability and it passes all tests well. Each now version of chat contains

new features, depending on user's opinions. Also new version of ProChat tested under newest Windows XP operating system.