Protected Music Converter ver.0.99 Beta

Posted By: jogador
Protected Music Converter ver.0.99 Beta

Protected Music Converter ver.0.99 Beta | 5,67 MB

Protected Music Converter is a software which allows you easily convert your protected (or unprotected) music files to most frequently used unprotected formats (MP3, OGG, unprotected WMA). Thus you can listen your music on your iPod, burn them to Audio CD, upload them on your cell phone, use them on whatever device you want, even if it doesn't support protected content playback.

Latest Changes:

* Decoding to WAV format implemented
* Multiple files conversion implemented
* Player for original/converted files in batch list implemented
* Batch list is now can be sorted
* Template based output path generation implemented
* Major interface improvements: toolbar, main menu, status bar are added
* Fixed bug which was cause of random software crushes when converting to mp3 format
* Bug when all output file names were created in lower case is fixed
* Fixed some spelling in UI texts
* Problem when some of M4P tags were not transferred to output file is fixed