Technology Lighthouse PTFBPro v3.1.1.0

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Technology Lighthouse PTFBPro v3.1.1.0

Technology Lighthouse PTFBPro v3.1.1.0

Technology Lighthouse PTFBPro v3.1.1.0

Technology Lighthouse PTFBPro v3.1.1.0 | 3.60 Mb
Macro Recorder & Scheduler with Auto-Response Capability.

PTFB Pro is a macro recorder and scheduler with unique auto-response capability. Packed full of all the powerful features that you'd expect from a fully-featured professonal macro recorder, PTFB Pro takes automation of repetative tasks to a new level with its capability to trigger a macro in response to a specific window appearing. This makes it ideal for automatically handling confirmation screens and other windows that interrupt your workflow - everything from dismissing those irritating "are you sure?" prompts to automatically completing login screens and connection dialogs.

Unique Auto-Response Capability - PTFB Pro macro scheduler can run your macro every time a specified window, dialog or popup appears. [more]
Quick and easy macro recording process. [more]
Super-fast "Button Push" mode for quickly setting up handlers for eliminating those irritating confirmation screens, pop-ups and prompts that interrupt your workflow. [more]
Stacks of advanced properties and features to turbo-charge your macros and fine tune playback. [more]
Macros can be set to trigger in a variety of ways:

- when a target window appears (auto-response)
- according to a repeating date/time schedule
- user-definable hotkey
- by command line directive

Edit macros easily and add custom commands to run scripts, programs and even other macros. [more]
Notifications by log, email and command line to keep track of what actions have been carried out, and when. [more]
Actions can run successfully even when your computer is locked, via the optional service component.
Highly configurable - define hotkeys for quickly enabling/disabling PTFB Pro, change the defaults for new macros/presses, fine-tune target window recognition using regular expressions etc. [more]




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