PTLens 7.0.5 Photoshop plug-in

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PTLens 7.0.5 Photoshop plug-in

PTLens 7.0.5 Photoshop plug-in | 537 Kb

PTLens is Windows software that corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting.

PTLens is available as a standalone application or Photoshop plug-in.

Both the standalone application and plug-in versions of PTLens run under Windows 2000 or Windows XP with a monitor resolution of at least 1024x768 (DPI 96). The plug-in version works with Photoshop version 6 and above and all versions of Photoshop Elements. Although PTLens is compatible with Paint Shop Pro and Irfanview, camera make, model, lens, and focal length must be manually specified as they do not furnish EXIF information to plug-ins.

Recent releases:
version 7.5: Up-down and shift-up-down arrow keys work in text boxes.
version 7.4: Added Reset button.
version 7.3: Display exposure & date-time.
version 7.2: Improved grid lines. Preview is ICC profile aware.
version 7.1: Improved grid lines.
version 7.0: Uses PTLens.dat as a database.
version 6.8: Executes 2.0x faster (4x faster w/dual core) than version 6.6.
version 6.7: Executes 1.5x faster (3x faster w/dual core) than version 6.6.
version 6.6: Ten image trial version.
version 6.5: Automatic lens selection. Preserve XMP data.


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