PureLoad ver. 3.4.2

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PureLoad ver. 3.4.2

PureLoad ver. 3.4.2 | Win32 | Size: 9,82 Mb

PureLoad is a load testing tool that simulates hundreds of users executing requests against server based applications. Use PureLoad to verify that your application will meet the expected performance criteria. PureLoad reports quality and performance problems as well as detailed statistics gathered during a load test. PureLoad do also include extensive support for easy recording and testing of web based applications.

Why PureLoad?

Ease of use
PureLoad is designed to be easy to use. I.e the goal is that no programming och script should be required to set up and control a load test session.

Extensive support for testing web applications
the PureLoad HTTP Recorder captures all requests between a web browser and the web application. This information can then be copied into PureLoad scenarios for use in a load test session.

Distributed and platform independent

All components in PureLoad are platform independent and the runtime architecture is fully distributed. This powerful combination enables the use of single and multi CPU machines all mixed in a distributed environment using different OS flavors.

Wide range of protocol support

PureLoad can be used to test a wide range of applications, using standard server protocols.


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