QImage Studio Edition v2007.151

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QImage Studio Edition v2007.151

QImage Studio Edition v2007.151 | 5.5 Mb | Windows OS

Qimage is a digital imaging application that has grown from its simple roots of printing multiple images on a single page, to being one of the most frequently referred to and highly recommended digital image applications in the world. Qimage is designed to make image printing easy and painless by eliminating the need to resample images to higher resolutions, manually place images on printed pages, make touchups and apply filters in separate photo editors, etc. For a purchase price that is a mere fraction of the cost of high end photo editors, you get an application that is capable of producing professional quality prints that exceed the quality of nearly all other photo printing applications, even high end (read incredibly expensive) photo editors. Although not designed to be (or replace) a full featured photo editor, the majority of the time you will find that Qimage is the only tool you need to enhance and/or print your digital images. With high quality image noise filtering, blemish and redeye removal, rotation, Lanczos, Vector, and Pyramid print interpolation, and many other "on the fly" tools, Qimage may make many of your other digital imaging tools obsolete.

Qimage is our world renowned batch printing and processing software. Qimage Professional Edition offers these features and more:
* Optimal quality regardless of size (see sidebar)
* Optimal arrangement of prints on page
* Mix and match different size prints on each page
* Print cropping tool remembers all your crops
* User controllable final print "smart sharpening"
* Fully ICC aware color management
* Slide shows
* Tag and send photos via email
* Batch convert images from one format to another
* Create optimal quality print files for photo labs