Quest Toad for SQL Server Suite ver. 2.0.2

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Quest Toad for SQL Server Suite ver. 2.0.2

Quest Toad for SQL Server Suite ver. 2.0.2 | Size: 116 Mb

Toad for SQL Server is a database development and administration tool that increases productivity and ensures optimal code quality for your SQL Server environment.

Quest DBA Module

Users can increase Toad for SQL Server’s power and flexibility by adding the Quest DBA module to automate day-to-day database management. The integrated Quest DBA module provides a well-rounded environment for DBAs and empowered developers to handle common administration tasks such as quickly comparing and synchronizing database schemas, servers, and data, This module also provides a feature to execute across multiple databases via the Editor interface and an interface to perform security migration across multiple servers. Included in the Quest DBA Module is the Knowledge Xpert for SQL Server Administration and T-SQL. The Knowledge Xpert for SQL Server Administration answers 70-80 percent of your daily SQL Server administration and T-SQL questions instantly. Thousands of topics provide the background information, syntax and working examples you need to apply solutions immediately.

T-SQL Debugger for SQL Server 2000, and 2005

The Debugger for Toad for SQL Server lets you code and debug the way you work, line-by-line and statement-by-statement, without having to change normal application execution or use cumbersome workarounds. With Toad for SQL Server’s Debugger, you can step through code one line at a time as it executes on the server, set conditional breakpoints, watch and modify variables, and view the execution stack. Included in the Debugger is the Knowledge Xpert for SQL Server. The Knowledge Xpert covers the lifecycle of SQL Server programming, offering a wealth of technical knowledge, best practices and reusable examples. Thousands of topics provide the background information, syntax and working examples you need to apply solutions immediately.

Knowledge Xpert for SQL Server®

Research, analyze and solve SQL Server 2000 problems instantly with this comprehensive coding resource. Knowledge Xpert for SQL Server is a comprehensive Windows-based technical resource that covers the lifecycle of Microsoft Transact-SQL programming. Hundreds of topics provide the background information, best practices and examples programmers need to write optimized bulletproof code for SQL Server 2000.Knowledge Xpert for SQL Server gives developers and DBAs the tools they need to write high-quality code and manage SQL Server 2000 faster than ever before. Written by recognized industry authors and experts, including Kevin Kline and Baya Pavliashvili this tool provides access to a comprehensive code library with dozens of pre-built T-SQL procedures and functions that you can plug directly into your applications, saving hundreds of coding hours.

Xpert Tuning

The Xpert Tuning module supplements SQL Server tuning skills for developers, stepping up their application tuning capabilities. The Xpert Tuning module makes observations about a selected SQL statement and the underlying database environment, and then recommends several options to improve performance. The AutoTune feature further automates the tuning process by generating the SQL rewrites that offer the highest likelihood of improving your SQL statement. In addition to offering SQL tuning and schema change advice through the Xpert Tuning module, a new Index Simulator emulates the effects of creating an index with no impact to the target system. The new SQL Tuning component shortens tuning time for developers and DBAs, while ensuring better performing applications.

Benchmark Factory® for SQL Server Developer's Edition

Users can increase Toad for SQL Server’s power and flexibility with Benchmark Factory for SQL Server, to test user load on your SQL Server database. The integrated add-on (optional) is a highly scalable load testing, capacity planning and performance tuning tool. Benchmark Factory for SQL Server allows users to determine system capacity, pinpoint system bottlenecks and isolate system stress related problems in your SQL Server environment.

Toad Data Modeler

Quest Software's Toad Data Modeler helps organizations create, maintain and document their database systems with an easy-to-use graphical interface into new or existing database structures. Toad Data Modeler enables users to reverse engineer over 20 different databases, design and generate SQL, create HTML or RTF reports, and generate data flow diagrams, in addition to versioning of database designs and creation of to-do lists.

* Database Design – Create high-quality database structures, generated automatically, following standard best practice design methodologies
* Documentation – Generate high-quality, detailed reports for documenting existing database structures
* Database Redesign – Take existing databases, re-design the model, and generate the new design SQL
* Database Migration – Generate out existing database structures to a new database platform for migration or copy to a different database