RaidenMAILD ver. XP

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RaidenMAILD ver. XP

RaidenMAILD ver. XP | 11,6 MB

RaidenMAILD is a easy-to-use POP3 / SMTP / WebMail e-mail server designed for home and enterprise users, it is so easy to setup that everyone can possibly do it by himself even if one has never setup an e-mail server.

It also features various anti-spam mechanisms, SSL security, RMHI programming interface and Active Directory / Database integration.

Server Relay (for incoming mails) / SMTP routing table (for outgoing mails)

Server relay not only provides you with the direct mail relay to IP:PORT for specific domain, but also enables you to scan incoming mails through this function with "Norton Antivirus for Gateways" or "InterScan" (Tutorial).

SMTP routing table gives you the ability to control the SMTP routing for specific domain. You can even send mails for specific domain via other authorized personal account.

IP Address restriction

Define the allowed/denied IP ranges for a serious e-mail server!

Subject title/ Conent/ Attachment filtering with normal comparison/ Advanced PCRE comparison

Say goodbye to spam mails and junk mails FOREVER!

Disk Quota Restriction

Prevent your users from using your e-mail server as their personal storages!

Unlimited domains to single IP

Wow! From now on, you can run multiple domains on one server machine!

Starts with NT Service via ServiceAgent - Service Installer / Health monitor

Runs 24 Hours A Day! 7 Days A Week! 365 Days A Year! None needs to waste time to be a server watch dog.

Automatic email re-sending mechanism

No more missing mails!

SMTP /POP3 restriction options

You can set the max mail size, bandwidth usage for every sending/receiving thread, and many more adjustable functionalities!

Event Logging to screen, disk file, and analyser are available!

Monitoring users' activities in real time!

Web-based Remote Control System

Managing your e-mail server with a web browser from anywhere in the world!