Rapidshare Link Grab Helper v1.31 (Release 2005-12-31)

Posted By: Black Sheep

Rapidshare Link Grab Helper v1.31 (Release 2005-12-31)

- General Features:

1. Allows multiple downloads at the same time by using proxies
2. Bypass download limit (i.e. 1hr restriction) using proxies
3. Has built-in downloader but allows files to be downloaded using any popular download manager: all download managers are now supported)
4. Has link checker
5. Has proxy checker
6. Has My Link Store
7. Added additional Proxy settings for those that don’t connect to internet directly (by your requests)
8. Settings dialog added

- Download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AMIIUQFZ

- Size: 464 Kb.

- No pass include.

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