RapidWeaver v3.5 for MAC

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RapidWeaver v3.5 for MAC

RapidWeaver v3.5 | Mac | 12.2MB
Instantly publish photos, movies, blogs online

RapidWeaver makes it easy for everyone to publish Photos, Movies and Blogs online instantly. If you're thinking about starting a blog or website, RapidWeaver is the perfect choice. Not only does it allow you to work in a familiar iApp style environment it also integrates seamlessly with iLife, .Mac and Mac OS X, RapidWeaver is a next-generation web design application to help you create professional looking web sites in minutes. No knowledge of complex code is required, RapidWeaver will take care of all that for you.

* Feature Rich Blogging
The Podcasting feature in RapidWeaver is a snap to use. Just drag and drop an audio file into your blog and RapidWeaver will automatically add it to your blog's RSS feed. iTunes made it easy to listen to Podcasts, now RapidWeaver makes it easy to publish your own.

* Theme Based Design
RapidWeaver comes with over 30 professionally designed themes as standard. The latest version of RapidWeaver has a revolutionary new feature called "Theme Variations" allowing you to mix and match styles to create the perfect site. For example, the "Blog" theme alone has over 100 different combinations.

RapidWeaver v3.5 for MAC

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* Powerful Enough For Professionals
While RapidWeaver appears simple, it has many powerful features that will appeal to professionals and high end users. These include: modifiable themes, live php rendering, mix and match WYSIWYG and HTML, smart publishing, XHTML and CSS based site output, viewable source code, built-in error checking and much more….

* One Click Flash Slideshows
RapidWeaver can produce beautiful Flash slideshows from your iPhoto albums. You no longer need to own or learn Flash. It's as simple as picking the images you want and letting RapidWeaver do the rest. Don't worry if flash isn't your thing, RapidWeaver also makes stunning CSS based galleries.

* Publish Anywhere
Once your site is complete, publishing to the web takes literally moments, with RapidWeaver offering one click publishing to .Mac, FTP and SFTP. RapidWeaver keeps track of the changes you make to your site and only uploads modified pages, keeping publishing time to a minimum.

* Plays Nice With Tiger, iLife and .Mac
RapidWeaver is built in Mac OS X's native language, Cocoa. This allows it to easily integrate with Mac OS X and all the great new technologies Apple has to offer. For example, RapidWeaver offers one click publishing to .Mac (FTP & SFTP), seamless integration with iPhoto and an easy way to publish Podcasts.



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